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Flight Planning

Flight Planning

This page is designed to assist students and pilots alike. You can gain access to a number of useful sites for pre-flight information such as, the current weather for Dunkeswell, aerodrome forecasts for other local airports, NOTAM’s etc. So have a look at some of the links below to help you prepare for your flight.

Unfortunatlely some of the sites will require you to register (the process only takes a few minutes and we have¬†only included sites that do not charge for registration). It’s a very straightforward process and you’ll only have to do it once (just remember to make a note of your username and password and keep it somewhere safe).

You may or may not have yet come across the terms TAF’s and METAR’S but they are invaluable in assisting the pilot in planning for a cross country or for telling when a weather system will be arriving. For a full explanation on TAF’s etc, we have included some documents you can view/download which explains how to decode them and how to obtain the info you want for a specific airfield.

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