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Training Costs

Costings for learning to fly a Microlight

You will see below a table containing the costs of learning to fly a Microlight (excluding the cost of buying the aircraft or a share in the aircraft).

To complete your training there are a few bits of equipment that you’ll need:-

  • Flying training briefing notes.
  • The Microlight Aircraft Handbook
  • Pilots Log Book
  • A warm flying suit (We recommend OZEE or Mercury)
  • A helmet and headset. We recommend the Lynx Micro system.
  • Aviation charts, Navigation ruler and protracter etc.

All of the above can be purchased from us during your training cycle. Depending on the type of aircraft there may be other items you require.

Half hour trial flight £85.00 — Buy Online
One hour trial flight £158.00 — Buy Online
Dual training on school aircraft (per hour) £158.00
Dual training on own aircraft (per hour) £90.00
Solo supervision (per hour) £40.00
Ground School (per hour) £30.00
Ground Exams £30.00
GST (General skills test) £105.00 + Flying Time
Workshop – Repairs etc. (per hour) £32.00
Large Trailer Parking (per month) £70.00
Club membership (per annum) £40.00
BMAA membership (per annum) £70.00